new thing: i knew now


1. Always use the most obscure language possible. Get lots of big scholarly words from a dictionary and use them often.
Poor: "Things are bad." Better: "The formative mechanism of culture amounts to a reification of human activities which fixates the living and models the transmission of experience from one generation to another on the transmission of commodities; a reification which strives to ensure the past's domination over the future."
2. In particular, the words "boredom" (as in "there's nothing they won't do to raise the standard of boredom"), "poverty" (of the university, of art), and "pleasure" are important tools in the young academic's kit, and use of them will greatly enhance your standing in the academic community.
3. Make frequent reference to seventy year-old art movements like Dada and Surrealism. Work the subject into your conversations as often as possible, however irrelevant. Vehemently attack "The University" and "Art" whenever possible (phrases like "the scrap-heap of Art" or "the stench of Art" are particularly effective). Attend as prestigious a school as possible and make sure your circle of friends contains no less than 85% artists.
4. Cultivate a conceit and self-importance bordering on megalomania. Take credit for spontaneous uprisings in far-flung corners of the world, sneer at those who oppose or disagree with you.
5. Denounce and exclude people often. Keep your group very small and exclusive — but take it for granted that every man, woman, and child in the Western Hemisphere is intimately familiar with your work, even if no more than ten people actually are.
6. Detournement: Cut a comic strip out of the paper (serious strips like 'Terry and the Pirates' and 'Mary Worth' are preferred), and change the dialogue. Use lots of situationist language. What fun!
7. Use Marxian reverse-talk. This is a sure-fire way of alerting people to the fact that you are an academic or are eager to become one: "the irrationality of the spectacle spectacularises rationality," "separate production as production of the separate."
8. Invoke "the proletariat," factories, and other blue-collar imagery as often as possible, but do not under any circumstances associate with or work with real proletarians. (Some acceptable jobs are: student, professor, artist.)
9. By all means avoid such repugnant proletarian accoutrements as: novelty baseball hats, rock group T-shirts, 'Garfield' or 'Snoopy' posters (no matter how "political"), and vulgar American cigarettes like 'Kent' or 'Tareyton'.


This is my universe right now


Things still shitty.


My brother Colin died.
He took his own life and now he's gone forever
and so now... he's gone forever

I don't know how i am supposed to react, or what i'm supposed to say.
I wish it wasn't real.

I keep telling myself it isn't real.

He was the stupid Kind, always set his mind to one thing:
when he decided to do something, he did it

He Did It

he was only twenty-two,
when he died he was only twenty-two
he took his own life, he was only

the dumbest thing I ever heard





counterfeit money machine

Patrick Stewart is
he is gonna die soon just
in case you forget

Patrick Stewart is
he is gonna die soon just
in case you forgot

Patrick Stewart is
doing his laundry every
night you are asleep.

Patrick Stewart is
doing his laundry every
day you are asleep.

Patrick Stewart is
moving too slowly like
cattle going forward.

It’s very much appreciated by everybody
like a pandering statement over
and over again technology questions
and star trek on five captains:

shatner is always confused,
“are you looking at me?
you lookin’ at me?”

all serious like.

basic medical tricorder
shatner’s cellphone story
some talk about the gays

materializing food; joke
about cooking


Patrick Stewart is
another illustration
of entertainment

Patrick Stewart is
not listening to your
favorite cameo

a whole lifetime
of adventure the
journey changes

everything comes
from the same thing.

Patrick Stewart is
very simple friendship
falling in love

Nine-ways over
and over again
painful (sometimes)

joining the search
for sisko, for more
money of course






Doombop's final album is called head phones


Listen as Doombop Goes To The Aeroport




Doombop's new EP is called Glider 1,2,3


doombop is a band now, and this is the first album: doom pop


check out my new song doombop




Elder Yellow and Peppermint


remade over and over again, to keep it alive.

an encounter, a connection, over and over, alive: again.

a matter of timing; a rendezvous

no real physicality, a digital representation.

repeating forms, over and over again, to keep them alive.

like the dandy or the beano

many dennis the menace
mr. money bags mutt
there is no object, only its repeat over and over again to keep it alive.

its’ not so easy to find these things
30 years later // 45 years later

August 23rd, 2016

The Outer Limits - "The Deprogrammers"

August 22nd, 2017

when at museums i look more at people’s shoes than i do at the paintings.


So this is an idea: remake the orginal yahoo, do lycos again. A list of websites, commercially unsuccessful websites, completely worthless web bubble shit you can waste all of your time browsing.

A. 8th, 2017

I know that knife.


(a. 6 2017)

Aug 2nd, 2017

I fucking Hate Toad The Wet Sprocket

J 26 17


 consider how to deliver
(activated ): a local display s y s t e m

<<If this does not work… Obviously… Something is wrong!>>

and scratching
only madness ,
that great pretender:
"i've had enough"
"wrap it up"

whoever wishes to weave a circle that never changes around him, via deception, theft, or some bread and tin candlestick occluding all that was perception
that he holds to this day. Surely we're all subjects to the seasons: at least this is what he thought while pursuing what became of the door —
those peculiar bottom bits and pieces that came to be known as 'the door' — that great illusion in light of official censorship,
the possession of me and all that came to remain. Like how. In a door. Opens to a demon; to call work and find out what time it is,
to know I want to fall asleep but I don't have the time; just attenuated; totally fall apart at the seams and not having resources
today or tomorrow,

I just don't need that and
that even surprised him

he can't even remember the question.

July 21st,

creative caves the crawling undertow, tiny little hands the beating brown brand of mercy pockets


the one where joffrey dies



parody the way that ideology works.
then, also: learn to spell ideology
&crash servers

undo the internet
in the image of yourself.

Free to scrape paint off of walls.

full time jobs&
a pain in the stomach --

like never before,
you are cancer
all over your body.

your server crashes,
all memory is lost
floating in space
you've got a visitor

you'd never think this far
but this is the price you pay
when your love is

hi, how are you?
hello, heloo, hello,
lost in space
inside your head

time to start again.

July 16th

Jul 14th, 2017

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?


To call this population of strangers in the midst of which we live "society" is such a usurpation that even sociologists wonder if they should abandon a concept that was, for a century, their bread and butter.  Now they prefer the metaphor of a network to describe the connection of cybernetic solitudes, the intermeshing of weak interactions under names like "colleague," "contact," "buddy," "acquaintance," or "date."  Such networks sometimes condense into a milieu, where nothing is shared but codes, and where nothing is played out except the incessant decomposition of identity.

Jul 7th, 2017

Let me go.
Let me be
if I can.

Let me
be if I can't


awes me
fills me
with grief
&with joy;

Let me be
if I can.
Let me go.

Let me
be if I can't
if I can
Let me go.

I just can't find
my place
to plug into
and so

let me go
if i can
let me be
let me go

Tuesday, Jul 4, 1:36pm

Thursday, June 22nd

two apes in suits meet, ease global fears

Juneteenth, 2017

When it rains in West Philly you are nourished while waiting for the sun to return.


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Friday, 5/5 2017

A Plea For Help Message From Targeted Individuals

on the otherside, groups of people come together because they feel targeted...


Sunday 30th of April 2017

updated the login sectionk, become a free member today. real easy to sign up just click the link.


April 28th, 2017

there's dust on everything. lead in the water.n we stare at screens. two different light switches, a pair of pants. bird shit on my finger. cleaned it off with napkin from bagel. reg. thursday cafe people, think i can't avoid it longer: should learn their names or go somewhere else. running out of places to go. also, cheapest as far as i can tell.

April 20th, 2017

there is a god but there is no god. my wife has an appointment, i have no wife. excuse me sir, get out of my way. you think they'd invest in another bridge, there is no bridge. we have shoes, there are no shoes. it knocked me down i can't stand up. we drive away, there is no car. no allergies, but she's allergic. brain forms brain functions. our doctor in new york has billy co-pay, there is no insurance. she cannot feel it, i don't know. i pee in the bathroom, i pee in the sink. i shit cell phones. your wife is pregnant there is no father. are you a doctor or are you not?